‌Creativity & Skill

The house of creativity has been lunched with the aim of implementing new ideas in the field of fostering creativity and increasing skills of children and young people.

The activities of this section are defined in 3 areas of work:

1) Physical products such as “ROKARO” robots.

2) Digital products like creativity training software and educational games.

3) Holding events such as festivals and competitions in the field of product presentation or software development.

The first physical product of this department is a robot called “ROKARO”. All programing is done and the user just has to choose. Hence, children and teenagers aged 9 to 18 will be able to create robots for that program without the need for programming knowledge and mathematics. The package of Rokaro also has online counseling and online support.

Rokaro robot has been patented at IRAN’s Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults (IIDCYA).