NARTAB is a category of tablets for children and teenagers belongs to Anarestan Holding Company, which provides a fun environment for children and adolescents using special programs and special features (such as science discovery App, educational contents and entertainment).

The most important advantage of NARTAB, compared to other tablets on the market, is the MDM (Android customized operating system) feature that is installed on the tablet by default and allows parents to control the content available to children.

The most important benefits of this MDM include:

  • Define different user profiles
  • Time limit for tablet and Apps use
  • Define restrictions for access to the program
  • Identify authorized list to make calls
  • Determine access to the Internet and wireless networks
  • Identify authorized and unauthorized sites
  • Limit access to tablet settings
  • Activity Reporting

The LabCamera App is an interesting and unique tool for science discoveries.

The LabCamera, which is installed on the tablet, has 7 tools to help students and enthusiasts use scientific experiments using the tablet’s camera easily.