Narliga is one of Anarestan’s services created for games, entertainment and education. It is a platform on which different video game leagues and festivals is held. Narliga provides software and hardware ground for producers to launch their games in this area.

Target audience of Narliga is the kids and young people, therefore games are chosen in regard to educative and cultural values. Games on this platform are competitive exciting and visually appealing games, but they are not rough. Supporting Iranian games is also one of the top priorities of Narliga.

Narliga holds online and offline leagues which players can participate in person or remotely. The registration is based on a centralized SSO system and as such, all Narliga players who register in one game is automatically enrolled in all the games.

In general, beneficiaries in Narliga are divided into 3 groups:

1) Game makers who produce the games and have a share in their game’s league profit.

2) League holders (“Jumists”) who invest in the league, advertise it and pay for the prizes. Thus, they benefit from the league’s profit.

3) Players that participate in the competitions and win prizes.