Anarestan Club

Anarestan Club is a discounting SMS system whose members can benefit greatly from its special facilities and opportunities

Anarestan club membership has many perks:

  • Receiving educational and entertaining content over SMS
  • Free Anarestan SIM cards
  • Chance to win in daily and weekly lotteries and also the club’s special cash and non-cash prizes (with a sum of 10 billion Rials). In Anarestan club’s lotteries, each day 1 educational tablet and each week, 50 million Rials to 5 lucky winners is given. But the biggest prize, 4000 million Rials, is given each year.
  • Benefitting from special discounts on cultural, educational, entertainment and essential products. Anarestan club’s discounts are mainly directed toward the youth in regards to education. For example, almost to 75% of the discounts are offered on books. Other discount categories include internet services, cinema, theater and concert tickets, tourism, food and home appliances.

Anarestan club currently has over 800,000 active members and benefits from widespread advertising on various platforms and media. Bulk SMS services, TV advertisement, social networks activity and also presence of art and culture celebrities has given the club effective means to influence customer communities and develop its business. Thus, making Anarestan club the perfect platform for presenting products and services.

Joining the Anarestan club is easily done by texting 222 to the number 6020.