Anarestan's SIM card

Anarestan’s SIM card is a credit card designed for Iranian children and teenagers aged 6 to 18 years to respond to their needs and desires. This SIM card, while covering all the needs of the conversation, text messaging and data of this age group, allows the use of high-speed third-generation and fourth-generation Internet space for the age of children and teenagers.

The internet plus service of the specially designed for children and teenagers is a unique feature of Anarstan’s SIM cards. With the Anarestan’s SIM card, you can connect to a huge world of attractive and useful applications. These services include online counseling, digital libraries, content stores, online tests, smart phone counseling, school maintenance software such as Raya Madrese or similar systems, etc.

The initial tariffs for Call and SMS are similar to those of the prepaid SIM cards, and all the packages provided for the MCI’s SIM cards include the Anarestan’s SIM card (Call and SMS packs), in addition to the special Call and SMS packs for the Anarestan’s SIM card.

Also, data packets with a specific preferred rate are defined for the Anarestan’s SIM card.

The Anarestan’s SIM cards are offered with an initial credit of IRR 500,000 and can be purchased. After activation, a welcome package includes 1 GB of high speed Internet access, 20 minutes of calls and 200 SMS for Iranian children and adolescents is activated.