inar is the name of IVR service. Which was launched in late 2014. These services provide subscribers with audio services on a variety of topics such as science-education, consultation and educative, health, religion, information and entertainment. The inar service with call number 99206022 for subscribers in Anarstan and call 99226610 for other subscribers, tells stories in English. To register, the code 202 will be SMS to 6020. Also subscribers of this service will be in the draw for valuable prizes of the Anarstan club. The wonderful world of Anarestan is the other service name of inar, which has been launched with the aim of pedaling children’s paintings. In this service, subscribers can submit their drawings by contacting the fixed telephone number 70705003 and presenting the tracking number; they will benefit from the opinion and analysis of experienced experts. You can have two ways to send drawings: Submit a painting on the (Naghashi Naghashi) Channel in Soroush’s Messenger or sign up on the official website of the dynamic network and post the painting on the panel of the poya TV channel. Also children of this service will be in the draw for valuable prizes of the wonderful world of Anarestan.