Anarestan’s Kid-friendly internet is named Romanet

Today, in the world, the issue of the security of children and teenagers in cyberspace is so important, products and services in various countries, particularly for children and teenagers defined.

Anarestan’s Internet plus service aims to provide a virtual space safe and attractive for Iranian children and teenagers is launched, in this way, Anarestan has provided an extensive service of entertainment, racing, and talent, scientific, educational, religious, and all that is suitable for Iranian children and teenagers in the form of special Internet packages in Anarestan. There are two ways to use Anarestan’s Internet plus:

1- Use of Anarestan’s SIM cards of children and teenagers

Refer to the offices of MCI and get a free Anarestan’s SIM card

2- Use of the home-made internet packs (ADSL) on the landline

Internet plus service IVR number +982170705000 for information on tariffs and how to enable this packet